PORTFOLIO {click for slideshow}

The figure has been absolutely central to my work in imagery and narrative. In many of these paintings the viewer is placed amid the drama unfolding on the canvas. It's an almost impossible space, I realize that; it hovers somewhere between the actual world and the painted world. The paintings, simply put, are about making pictures - through paint and through discreet "framing" in mirrors, windows and various lenses (cameras, binoculars, eye glasses, and magnifying glasses). I would say the overarching concept is vision - how we (artist and viewer alike) first create and then process images as we gaze about us in this world. The result of our scrutiny is an ever expanding and contracting sphere of reference.

In these paintings the figures are compressed into an interior space, and they have been deliberately made aware and watchful of actions that are happening beyond this circumscribed zone. We live in a world in which we are bombarded by news of events - both momentous and life changing as well as quotidian and mundane - coming at us from every direction. This can be comforting as well and anxiety producing.

Titian was reported to have said that the reason he used so many layers of glazes in his portraits was because of the infinite layers to the human identity. These paintings are constructed with many layers of glazing, and I like to recall this quote when I think of my painting process. Painting a form once is not enough. It has to be painted and repainted, again and again, each time sinking it back into space, so that upon viewing, the image floats to the surface and resonates in its fullest and richest form.

To some degree I can compare myself to a novelist (the only other art form that moves me as much as painting). I often hear or read about authors explaining that they create these characters on the page and then they sit back and watch what the characters will do. I experienced a similar sensation in making these paintings. The figures often would take on a life and will of their own telling me what needed to be done with them.